About us

Trust experience. the serious. innovation.

Select Dream On is a strong trust expertise of 10 years of experience and especially entrust your aquarium Project aquarium enthusiasts whose aim is to combine aesthetics, reliability, innovation and practicality .

Who are we ?

It all started with a small aquarium filled with neon lights. Then by all that had attraction to water, fish, aquariums ... The aquatic environment is a passion that Aurelian Square will develop throughout his life, especially the Azores, Portuguese islands where he will live for two years and spend many hours exploring the seabed for understanding ecosystems ... Captivated by this complex and mysterious world, he decides to do his passion his profession . He will get a BTS aquaculture and marine biology and refine its experience in large and renowned companies such the University of Nancy Aquarium aquarium industry or a large retail pet store.

Aurélien carré, founder of Dream-on

It was at the age of 25, in 2003, that our young entrepreneur launch its micro company named Aquario Clean specialized in development and maintenance of aquariums. He will pick his first contract with France Telecom and begin to build its customer file to Biscarosse with a hairdresser, a pharmacy, a funeral company and some individuals. Clean aquario last five years to make way for the company Dream On, EURL founded on 1 January 2007 dedicated to the advice, creation, installation and maintenance of aquariums. Dream On will announce the launch of the creative part with the manufacture of aquariums facing new filtration systems and manufacturing custom design aquarium . Present at major shows such as Conforexpo, inherit the company of beautiful media coverage at regional level with TV7, Objective Aquitaine and Southwest, but also nationally with The Green platform, She or M6 Deco.

Aurélien carré, fondateur de Dream-on

Aurélien Carré is a passionate professional filled with new ideas that it wishes to bring to the benefit of professionals and individuals. Medical and paramedical sector is now its largest business wearer. Indeed, landscape, among other living spaces in retirement homes of "Cybele Gardens" Bordeaux but also in medical offices waiting rooms such as dentists, Doctors. .. or pharmacies and hospitals. The aquarium is a decorative object recognized for captivating and soothing virtues with the power to make people forget the time, and even pain, medical professionals have found that fish funneled children, they appeased to the fabulous world of our beloved Nemo : a valuable solution for all parents.

By offering its expertise, experience and design and innovative products (ultras for aquariums of about 15 cm thick not found on the market), Dream On Aquariums is demonstrating its leading character on the aquarium industry. By also working with an architectural firm specializing in the manufacture of custom aquariums and a specialist in aquatic landscaping, it then responds to a wider application to to satisfy best customers and provide outstanding technical .

At the end of October 2016, Stéphane BLONDEAU took over Dream On, transforming it into SAS DREAM ON AQUARIUMS. Aquariophile passionate and experienced, Stéphane aims to develop the company based on his experience (Le Lann, Exomarc) and his network! Innovation and satisfaction remain its leitmotiv!

Finally, choosing Dream-On Aquariums, it's :

  • Appealing to the true water professionals.
  • Guaranteed to receive personalized advice depending on the constraints and amenities.
  • A wide range of unique modern and stylish tanks.
  • A 2-year warranty on your models (only 1 year in traditional shops).
  • A personalized study.
  • A French manufacture.
  • Benefit from a network of professionals for any water feature project with a firm specializing in architecture and landscaping.